Saturday, May 24, 2008

A note about School of Community

Suzanne, quoting something from her experience, builds on something from our last School of Community:

"Father Carron said we need only three things to do SoC:
1. Our heart
2. the books of Father Giussani (ie, the method) and
3. Christ. It doesn't depend on anything or anyone else, so we have our freedom, and no one can limit us or our freedom to do it because I have all I need and you have all you need."

This is a good reminder. We must make SoC a priority. We must read, reflect on our life in light of the method, and come, drawn by the Spirit, by the particular charism of CL, which is nothing but a particular manifestation of the Spirit.

I also like this from Paper Clippings: "The thing about places like Algeria is that probably nobody cares about Islam as a religion. It is just the unifying ideology of society, whereas Christianity by appealing to personal freedom is an implicit threat to power. This reminds us of Solovev's remark that Islam was just the natural evolution of the Caesaro-Papism of the Eastern Roman Empire."


  1. So you still in Winona? Will you be there June 6-8th? I will.

  2. Sadly, I'll miss you. I won't arrive until 15 June.

  3. drat! missed you by that much.