Saturday, January 20, 2007

Making the connection

My last post dealt with the necessity for us, as Christ's disciples, not put ourselves first, but to live sacrificially for others. It is easy, as re-reading yesterday's post shows me clearly, to remain very abstract about what this means for our lives. This morning, as I was composing a post for our parish blog, a very strong and concrete connection was cemented in my mind between believing that we should live for others and specific actions we can take that make this belief, this conviction, a reality.

At the beginning of our Centenary kick-off at The Cathedral of the Madeleine we are undertaking a three-year program which so far includes a Stewardship campaign and a pastoral plan with the theme Furthering Our Legacy of Faith, Hope and Love. Both of these undertakings call upon us, even if you're not a Cathedral parishioner, to live selflessly by giving of our time, our talents, and our treasure to serving God, to the realization of His Kingdom. In short, our baptismal vocation as God's priestly people calls upon us to live sacrificially; putting others before ourselves.

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