Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another significant occurrence

Writing of anniversaries and mercy for sinners, Cunny Pelaez pleaded guilty yesterday to the first degree felony murder of our dear brother, Deacon Aniceto Armendariz, on the third anniversary of Aniceto's ordination. Mr. Pelaez's father, Antonio Pelaez-Vasquez, also accused of the senseless murder in September 2005, is not scheduled to go on trial until July. For more details see the Salt Lake Tribune on-line: Guilty in murder of deacon: Plea deal allows 1 suspect to avoid a capital charge.

Let us pray for continuing comfort and strength for Aniceto's wife, Alma, and for their children. We must also pray for the repentance of Cunny and Antonio. I am confident that the Pelaez-Vasquez's have a heavenly intercessor praying for their repentance and salvation- none other than Aniceto himself, a man, like the apostle Nathaniel, with "no duplicity in him" (Jn 1,47).

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