Wednesday, November 8, 2006

"Our concern is that He should remain present"

The remarks below are from a homily preached by His Holiness, Benedict XVI, in the Redmptoris mater chapel at the Vatican to visiting Swiss bishops.

"I believe" the Pope said, "that we must commit ourselves above all to listening to the Lord, to prayer, to a profound participation in the Sacraments, to learning God's feelings in the face and the sufferings of our fellows, in order to be infected by His joy, by His zeal, by His love, and to contemplate the world with Him." The Holy Father continued, "If we are able to do this, then even amid so many 'nos,' we will again find men and women who await Him; perhaps strange men and women, as the parable clearly says, but who are called to enter His hall."
The Holy Father concluded his homily by highlighting the fact that problems "cannot be resolved if God is not placed at the center, if God does not become visible in the world once more, if He does not become a determining force in our lives, and if He does not, through us, decisively enter the world. It is my belief that the destiny of the world today, in its current dramatic situation, depends upon this: whether God - the God of Jesus Christ - exists and is recognized as such, or whether He disappears. Our concern is that He should remain present."

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