Thursday, November 30, 2006

Papal Coronation of Blessed Pope John XXIII

Over at the blog Valle Adurni, which "is the blogspot of the tired Parish Priest of the Adur Valley in Sussex", you will find many, many photographs of the Papal Coronation, yes, you read it correctly, Coronation, of Blessed Pope John XXIII, like the photo accompanying this post.

These post are the last few in a long series, but enjoy pictures of what was the second-to-last pre-Vatican II Papal Coronation:

Papal Coronation 30
Papal Coronation 29
Papal Coronation 28.
All-in-all a very good and informative blog.

This post show the very last papal coronation. Paul VI later sold the papal tiara, only to have it purchased and given back to him. The post includes the history of the tiara after Paul VI gave it up.
Paul VI and his tiara

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