Friday, July 27, 2012

"We'll pray to all of our saints/Icons of mystery"

Two days ago my friend Fred posted an article about Patti Smith's recent visit to Assisi, where, as the picture shows, she helped in the restoration of one of Giotto's frescoes. Her latest album, Banga, was inspired by St. Francis. While in Assisi, Patti spent time meditating before Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone's tomb.

As one might imagine, this has put me on a bit of a Patti Smith jag. Instead of a stroll down memory lane, our Friday traditio is a song off Banga- "April Fool"

We'll ride like writers ride/Neither rich nor broke/We'll race through alleyways/In our tattered cloaks so

Patti is so cool. I love how she deals with the lyric screw-up and just keeps the band going and brings it back around.

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