Saturday, July 14, 2012

"I know that things can really get rough"

As I seem to bring up each Saturday lately, blogging over these months has been sketchy at best, non-existent at worst. What I have lacked in quantity I hope I have at least partially made up for in quality. One of the biggest obstacles to posting more regularly as of late has been regular access to a computer at home. For the past several months we have had but one computer shared among four people, two of whom are students with a lot of homework. So, my on-line activities have been curtailed by that. I am happy to announce that today I am blogging from my new, personal lap top computer, thus making regular on-line access once again a norm.

I don't think I will return to daily posting, however. I am probably looking at putting something up 3 or 4 times a week. I have been pretty faithful to the Friday traditio, even when it has been a day late, like today. So, how about some new music to mark a new era as I approach my sixth year of serious blogging, my seventh, if you count the year after I began, when I posted next to nothing? Our traditio is an acoustic version Albuquerque's own The Shins "Simple Song":

Could be there's nothing else in our lives so critical/As this little home

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