Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How occasional? Well, 5 years later it appears at least everyday!

UPDATE: The BBC 2 gave me a nice anniversary present by taking note of my post on Glenn Beck and the God of Israel.

It was five years ago today that I began blogging in earnest. It was on that day that I changed the name of this blog from Scott Dodge for Nobody to Καθολικός διάκονος and just started typing. I have hardly stopped since! What the results of my typing are is not mine to judge. From my humble beginning until now, whether you agree or disagree with me, I hope to be judged as being responsible. I endeavor to be and to remain accountable as my Integrity Notes at the bottom of the right hand margin indicate.

My in-earnest writing began with a post I entitled How Occasional? From that day until now I have averaged more than one post a day! I would be liar if I did not note two things about blogging. First, blogging is something I enjoy. Otherwise, I simply would not do it. All worthwhile undertakings are labors of love. Second, as my modest little blog has grown and gained in popularity, I am ambivalent about this enterprise. But, because tension generates energy, I believe that it is precisely my ambivalence that enables me to keep on keeping on and provides creative tension.

Like all things, blogging has to have its raison d'être. My reason, as is stated in my header (a statement I worked very hard on over several weeks to get just right), remains "to foster Christian discipleship in the late modern milieu in the diakonia of koinonia and doing so "in the recognition that 'the Eucharist is the only place of resistance to annihilation of the human subject." Second to to the Eucharist as a place of resistance to the human subject is music, in a special way rock n' roll, real rock, which is is recognizable by its authenticity.

I don't mind saying that blogging, especially as I have been blessed to reach so many readers, has been a significant vehicle of personal growth and Christian maturity. By stating that I by no means imply that I don't still have a lot of growing and maturing to do. I pray that my efforts here will foster growth and maturity in me and those who visit these pages. I make no apologies about being provocative from time-to-time. I am happy that even my mission statement, such as it is, reflects the kind of dialectical tension that is the hallmark of authentic faith, which can only be faith in Jesus Christ.

The sixth anniversary of this blog is next month, but there were only six posts from then until 19 July 2006. It's funny that what inspired my first posts was Cardinal Christoph Schönborn's commenting on evolution and intelligent design, taking particular philosophical aim at the notion of randomness!

As with all truly good things, I am grateful for this on-going experience. I am grateful to God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I am grateful to my readers, and to those wonderful friends I have made along the way, many of whom are my companions in these on-line endeavors.

How long will this last? Truly only God knows, which it what makes it not only a journey, but an adventure!


  1. Happy anniversary! Keep up the good work.

  2. I for one am happy to have "met" you through this blog and thank you for it!

  3. 5 blogging years is EPIC! Bravo Zulu, and may the well never run dry.

  4. I don't always agree with you but I'm glad you are here ! Congrats and blessings

  5. Thank, I appreciate the thoughts and good wishes. It is my great pivilege to know each one of you, all of whom, excepting Dan, I have met through blogging.


  6. Happy anniversary. :-)