Friday, July 15, 2011

"Have you seen Junior's grades?"

Van Halen with And the Cradle Will Rock is our fourth installment in the on-going Καθολικός διάκονος Friday traditio series of rock songs about rockin' The request line is still open.

Only Diamond Dave could wear those kinds of get ups without raising certain questions. But Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now, sorta.


  1. And the really cool thing? The MONSTER rhythm guitar chords upholding this piece is Eddie Van Halen on keyboards! :)

  2. Oh yea, t.v. performances are always fun to watch. There is another t.v. version of And the Cradle that is so lip-synched it is ridiculous, with DLR, being DLR, not even really trying to mask it. He's wearing "boots with the fur" in that one.

    My favorite VH albums remain Van Halen I, Women and Children First, and Diver Down


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