Friday, June 24, 2011

"things go better with rock"

Ever since Mr. Roboto last week, off Styx's Kilroy was Here album, with its storyline that rock was to be eliminated, I have been thinking about songs that highlight, not only the importance of this uniquely American art form, but that explicitly celebrate it. So, this will be the focus of our Friday traditio for awhile.

Our first traditio is Autograph's 1984 song, Turn Up the Radio

"The only time I turn it down is when I'm sleepin' it off." This gets my series kicked off. Oh, I am taking requests for songs in this vein from my fellow rock enthusiasts.

Besides, what a great song for a sunny Friday at the beginning summer! This is a dedication that goes out to my brother, Dan, a fellow rocker, and his beautiful daughter Lizzy, as they prepare to celebrate "Gotcha Day" on Monday.

Cheezy? Hell yes it is! Also, I bet you didn't know you could earn medals for rocking until you watched this.


  1. Thank you, Scott.
    That means a lot to me.
    I have been very blessed with two beautiful daughters from China. They have been incredible gifts from God. When I see them, I truly see God's love made present. In a special way, both adoptions were sacramental experiences for both Jamie and me (God's love made present).
    The Little Flower's words always come to mind, when i reflect upon both adoptions,"Everything is grace".
    Lizzy was named after St. Elizabeth, so I always ask for her intercession during this time of year.

  2. Rock N Roll Never Forgets -Bob Seger

    Out of the Blue - Neil Young

    For Those About to Rock - ACDC

    Rockin' in the Free World - Neil Young


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