Saturday, June 11, 2011


"'Oh, could I tell, ye surely would believe it!
Oh, could I only say what I have seen!

"How should I tell or how can ye receive it,
How, till He bringeth you where I have been?

"Therefore, Lord, I will not fail nor falter,
Nay, but I ask it, nay, but I desire,
Lay on my lips Thine embers of the altar,
Seal with the sting and furnish with the fire;

"Give me a voice, a cry and a complaining,
Oh, let my sound be stormy in their ears!

"Throat that would shout, but cannot stay for
Eyes that would weep, but cannot weep for tears.

"Quick in a moment, infinite for ever,
Send an arousal better than I pray.
Give me a grace upon the faint endeavor,
Souls for my hire and Pentecost to-day!"

Dr. Frederick Myers

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