Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hierarchy update

Bishop John Steinbock, the bishop of the Diocese of Fresno, California, passed into eternity today. May he realize the Hope for which he devoted his life as a priest and a bishop. He announced back in August that he was suffering from lung cancer, which was the cause of his death. He was rushed to the hospital last night and passed early this morning surrounded by family and friends. He was 73 and his death leaves the Diocese of Fresno without a bishop.

Bishop Steinbock

Back on 1 December, the Holy Father accepted the resignation of Trenton, New Jersey bishop, John Smith. He is succeeded by his coadjutor, who was ordained back in June, Bishop David O'Connell, who was formerly the president of the Catholic University of America.

These events leave three Latin Rite dioceses vacant: Fresno, CA; Joliet in Illinois; Rapid City, SD. One Eastern Rite vacancy, the Ruthenian Archeparchy of Pittsburgh.

There are currently two Roman Catholic archbishops, His Eminence Justin Cardinal Rigali, archbishop of Philadelphia, PA and His Excellency Eusebius Beltran of Oklahoma City, OK, serving past 75. There are eight bishops serving past the age that the Code of Canon Law requires them to submit their resignations to the Holy Father (i.e., 75): Boland of Savannah, GA; Sevilla of Yakima, WA; McCormack of Manchester, NH; Adamec of Altoona, PA; Bruskewitz of Lincoln, NE; Galeone of St. Augustine, FL: Zipfel of Bismarck, ND; Gettelfinger of Evansville, IN.



  1. My condolences go out to Bishop Steinbock's family and friends.

    The decline in priests and bishops is a sad state of affairs. Hopefully more men will hear and answer God's Call to the priesthood.

    Praying is the answer.

  2. Well, among the priests there is no shortage of men who would be bishops, but the shortage of priests remains something about which we should pray fervently and often.


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