Monday, December 15, 2008

Retrievals from the 2008 archive

Like last year, I looked back over this past year and picked a post for each month, based on highly subjective criteria, that I think most significant. I welcome observations by readers on their favorite posts as a way of gauging what, if any, of these words matter or mean anything to anyone else. I found it heartening that none of my political posts made my own cut! I do not know how much I will post between now and the new year, some, but probably not a lot. So, I thought I'd do this now. This year's 368 (so far) posts falls far short, thankfully, of last year's 427. 2008 marked my second full year (January-December) of blogging. This is my blog's 978th post.

January: St. Paul and us: The event of an encounter along the way

February: Feelings re-visited

March: On being "the forgiven"

April: Living lives of love

May: Life as dirty joke: one post-feminist perspective

June: Prophets

July: Humanae Vitae turns 40

August: Giussani on melancholy

September: Obedience

October: True education starts from a positive hypothesis

November: Starting from a positive hypothesis: marriage is indissoluble

December: A fundamental question

I also want to remember Seattle Beginning Day: An event that becomes an encounter over on Is It Possible?.


  1. Is the SLC bishop aware of this ( exorcizing the "Spirit of Vatican 2" since 1994)blog?
    A priest must push people to love and not to hate.
    I'm flabbergasted by this blog, how can the bishop allow it?

  2. I am not trying to be dismissive when I ask, have you expressed your concern in a comment on that blog?


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