Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A certain way of seeing human (female) persons

I posted about several things this past year serially. Sexuality was a major theme. It will continue to be, as I am working on a short post, in which I want to sunmmarize key insights from an article published in Communio back in 2006, by David S. Crawford, entitled Liberal Androgyny: "Gay Marriage" and the Meaning of Sexuality in Our Time. I digress. So, below is a series, posted in May, about a certain strain of post-feminist theorizing. The problem with theorizing, a problem that Crawford also addresses, which is a problem that extends all the way back to that Greek theorist, Pyrrho, whose idealist theory led him to a skepticism so extreme that he had to no way verify his own existence, is that it renders abstract what we has to be concrete. All of which reminds me of Samuel Johnson's refutation of the idealist, Bishop George Berkeley; upon stubbing his toe, Johnson quipped "I refute him thus!" Hence, all it takes to de-bunk such a theory is to ask a simple question- If one were to order one's life according to this theory, how would s/he live? I write about the suicide of Karen Bach to demonstrate this with regard to the theory espoused by certain post-feminists:

The cinema on sex

Life as dirty joke: one post-feminist perspective


Baise Moi- literally, pardon my French

The evil dynamic of lust: the story of Amnon, son of David

The last post leads me to link with Unlocking the Scriptures.

Originally posted by Daphne and re-posted by her friend, Crissy, who also escaped the hell of the so-called sex industry:

"It's important to warn people who are mesmerized by the glamour of pornography (both men and women) before they get themselves into a mine field, making decisions to be in and part of a world which ends up looking more like guerilla warfare in Vietnam than glamour in Paris.

"A lot of girls walk blindly into stripping and porn and then end up in situations like mine. This industry feeds off young girls who are insecure and broken, promising them fortune and glamour. I was so damaged, I would get on stage the night after having been raped. G-d forbid that I'd have to pay extra fines for being absent or late. I've seen girls have major drug overdoses and walk right back into work. It's a mode of survival. And these companies don't care about the damage they are doing to the girls; they are thinking about how much money they can get out of a girl before she has been worn in and torn out.

"The industry is all about selling a fantasy. It's like a mirage in a desert. You are so thirsty and then go to a pond of water. After the fantasy fades, you lay there, your mouth full of sand and more in need of water than you were at the beginning. Only, you'd be lucky if that were the worst thing that could happen to you from buying a fantasy. You'd be real lucky. Some people pay with their lives."

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