Monday, October 29, 2007

Program note

It's been a busier month than I intended here on Καθολικός διάκονος. So, don't look for anything new until at least Thursday morning. I appreciate all of the prayers and encouragement, as well as comments, feedback, and discussion. Keep them all flowing! In the meantime, have a happy Halloween.


  1. Happy Halloween.

    I shared your post with my daughter since we'd just been talking about how the early church "christianized" some of the pagan holidays. When she read your post from last October she said "Mom, you've always pretty much hated Halloween. Have your feelings changed about that now?". I had to tell her no, I still pretty much hate it. Maybe the scotch and beer would help. :)

    Looking forward to All Saints Day though. And glad I don't have to make up a costume for it!

  2. If it's any consolation, I don't dress up on Halloween, but I do have a scotch and a beer- to keep the ghouls away. I also eat chili. I love All Saints and All Souls.

  3. Scotch, beer and chili. Sounds like a dangerous combination. (for ghouls, that is) :)

  4. It's in the ordering: chili with beer (maybe two), then quite awhile later a scotch. This is rare for me, especially in the middle of the week, But, hey, I deserve a treat too!

  5. Of course you do! Enjoy!

    I'm certain the chili is key component for keeping (the ghouls) at bay. Use sparingly or you might lose the goonies, too. :)