Friday, October 26, 2007

The Holy Father to people like me: No clowning!

In his weekly catechesis the Holy Father said that people who teach the faith "cannot run the risk of appearing like a type of clown who is playing a part; rather he must be like the beloved disciple who rested his head on the Master’s heart and learned therein how to think, speak and act". There goes my idea for Theological anthropology: A comparative study- Bozo vs. Ronald. I suppose I'll have to stick with Augustine and Aquinas!


  1. Have you read the Introduction to Christianity? If you've read the first part, it makes more sense. That is where he discusses the perils of theologians by telling the story of the the circus tent (in Denmark, I think) catching on fire, and the manager send the clown to the village to get help. And villagers ignoring the clown thinking that he is just doing his job to advertise for the circus. etc... etc...

  2. Here is the little snippet of it:

  3. Yes, I have read Intro. to Christianity. I also appreciate very much what the Holy Father is saying here. I did not make that connection, but I am glad you did. Thanks!

    The state of catechesis, while improving, still has a long way to go. On this same note, respondents to surveys on RCIA (i.e., adults who have entered the Church through this process) increasingly indicate that what they experienced lacked substance.

  4. I'm sunk.

    But here's another view from Pope Benedict:


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