Saturday, October 20, 2007

Deacon Scott's Mediterranean Scrambled Eggs

Okay, this is not as elaborate nor, I am sure and hope to find out for myself, as delicious as Alex's dishes, but here's my Mediterranean egg recipé:

-Scramble three eggs with water, milk, pepper, sea salt, and perhaps a little olive juice for those of us who like our martinis dirty

-Cut up six olives, either regular olives or green olives (If you don't know the difference, use green olives)

-Slice two medium size mushrooms

-Sauté olives and mushrooms in a frying pan in olive oil until, well, they look sauteed

-Pour scrambled eggs into pan, cook until done

-Put on plate, sprinkle with feta cheese

-Eat with fresh pita bread and V8 Lemon twist juice

-Then pour a nice, strong cup of home-brewed French Roast coffee

This also counts as Morning prayer, at least it does for me this rainy fall morning!

1 comment:

  1. Scott,

    This sounds yummmmm.

    Thanks for sharing,



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