Thursday, October 11, 2007

Over to Rocco at Whispers for two hierarchy things

Both of these from my dear friend Rocco over at the rightly venerated Whispers:

First, a chronicle from an event I would have happily imposed upon relatives in the Bay area to attend had I known about it sooner, A lecture, delivered at USF by Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco, the man who I am so happy to say ordained to me to the diaconate, "on the writer he termed 'a supreme artist'". Courtesy of Whispers and the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit institution, here is the link to the entire text of Archbishop Niederauer's lecture.

Secondly, as I wrote my dear friend Jan, who lives in Sacramento, that diocese received a tremendous blessing today by having Bishop Jaime Soto named coadjutor to Bishop William Weigand, who was Archbishop Niederauer's predecessor as bishop of Salt Lake City. I had the pleasure, earlier this year of sitting next to His Excellency at a supper.

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