Saturday, March 24, 2007

The need to consider reality

It is appropriate on this day when members of Communion and Liberation from all over the world gathered at noon, Rome time, with the Holy Father in St. Peter's Square, to consider, in true CL fashion, some words of CL founder, the late Monsignor Luigi Giussani. I offer this a brief extract from The Journey to Truth Is an Experience. It comes from the beginning of the book (page 18 of the paperback edition) under the heading CLEAR COMMUNICATION and the subheading Concreteness, number 2:

"It is so easy to avoid considering reality because it is not all we hoped for; so to approach it implies a greater commitment and toil. We easily accuse reality of not matching our comforting dreams, perhaps even as we change the rules of the game, and consequently take on the attitude of a victim or proclaim ourselves powerless before circumstances."

While we're considering reality, the concrete reality of our own lives, which is composed of our daily experiences, the question is not, "How do I have an experience like Oscar Osorio?", or, "When will God speak to me, like He spoke to Oscar?" Rather, we must be assured that God is speaking to us all the time through our experiences, calling us by name, as Bishop Wester so beautifully put it in his installation homily. The question, therefore, becomes (to hearken back to Oscar's experience) "Are you listening so as to hear God speaking to you?"- confidently knowing that He is speaking - TO YOU!

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