Thursday, March 1, 2007

As March begins

Today begins the month of March, which will be exciting because on the fourteenth, the day before the dreaded "ides of March", the eighth successor of Lawrence Scanlan will assume the cathedra in our beloved Madeleine: Bishop John Charles Wester. If quantity is anything to go by, February was a record month here at Catholic Deacon. As it stands, quantity is just about all I have go by. Apart from the very constructive comments made by readers in response to An invitation and It's not too late, I have little indication as to how what I am writing is affecting anybody, or, if it is even affecting you at all. So, again, rather than one of my desparate pleas, á la last Fall when I was still a very insecure beginner in the blogosphere, this is a straight-forward request for constructive feedback, critical or encouraging.

So, whether you are a frequent or occasional reader, I would appreciate your constructive comments and feedback.

Also, over on our parish blog, you will find my most recent installment in an occasional, but open-ended, series about contemporary challenges to the faith. My most recent post is called Delivering a real blow to a shadow boxer

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