Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year in overview

I don't mind admitting that 2012 was the year I freed myself from the compulsion to post something daily. In fact, December is the only the month this year the number of posts equalled or exceeded the number of days in the month (I composed 28 posts in February, but this year was a Leap Year). On that note, it is something of an intermittent tradition for me to provide a year-end round-up of what I posted this year, something like my version of the "Best of Καθολικός διάκονος 2012." This year is runs back-to-front (i.e., December-January). I exclude homilies from consideration.

I am always happy to have others chime in and share what post they've read here over these past 12 months that struck them in some good or challenging way.

December: A dissociative digression on my need to (re-)discover my I

November: "a mystery of ultimate eschatological commitment"

October: Deacons are evangelists

September: Encounter with Marnie

August: "We feel most alive in the presence of the Beautiful"

July: Amos was a prophet and so was Pope Paul

June: A note on vocation with a diaconal twist

May: Simon, Alexander, and Rufus

April: Daily prayer "an obligation and opportunity for all"

March: Orienting desire

February: Libertas ecclesiae: freedom for the truth

January: Discipleship costly for all who follow

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