Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today is St. Nicholas day

I sorta apologize for the cartoon up-front, but some years, and some days every year, I really feel this way. Like many people, when I was an undergraduate I worked in retail. It was then that I began to realize what Christmas had become. This made me very grateful for the up-bringing I had. I was blessed growing up. Christmas at our house was always pleasant and wonderful, quiet and reflective. More than twenty years later, I know I have not recovered from those Christmases spent working in retail. I suppose this is one of the reasons why I soak in Advent. Without a doubt it is the most complex of all the seasons of the liturgical year, but for me it is perhaps the most rewarding.

There are two observances over Advent that are truly wonderful: St. Nicholas day and St. Lucy's day. With some wistfulness, I urge you to look back over some of my previous posts for this day:

Memorial of St. Nicholas- 2011

Memorial of St. Nicholas- 2010

My very first St. Nicholas day post, Happy St. Nicholas Day!

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