Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lanes to the infinite

When it comes to the visual, plastic, or musical arts I really have to no talent whatsoever. Nonetheless, the cool thing about constantly carrying around a phone that has a camera is that it allows me to (try) capture images that strike me. My oldest daughter is a very gifted artist, one of her great gifts is photography, as is my dear friend Sharon's, who constantly posts her amazing pictures over on quaerere deum (I urge you to visit her site for a daily dose of beauty). Besides, being artistically inept gives me that much more appreciation for the gifts of so many others.

The images that seem to most strike me as I live and move around are man-made objects juxtaposed with nature. So, while I won't pretend for one minute that this is art, I have no problem sharing that as I left the ice cream parlor I was at with two of boys, where we had a post-soccer game treat, the image below immediately captivated me (the haze is from a fire in southern Idaho that has been hovering most of this past week):

Indeed, lanes to the infinite are always available!

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