Saturday, September 1, 2012

Allowing ourselves to be bound and limited

"Whoever closely observes reality, whoever trains themselves to notice the apparent 'strangeness' of many of its manifestations, knows that we allow ourselves to be limited and bound in our way of looking at 'natural or plausible' events, seeking in them exclusively that which appeals to our sense of realistic level-headedness. There is no division into 'strange' and 'natural' things. There is - if one absolutely insists - a division into 'common' and 'uncommon' things, things that are 'ordinary' and those that are 'difficult to grasp'" (Gustaw Herling from his short story The Silver Coffer).

Last night's blue moon

Something my friend Sharon put up on quaerere duem dovetails nicely with Herling's observation: "Negativity is glib. It fritters away ourselves, others, the matters of the world with its perceived lack, the dregs of failed manipulation. Whereas wonder, initiated in quiet, engages renewal and opens to an ultimate fulfillment."

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  1. That quote from Herling is the perfect complement. Thank you!


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