Friday, August 5, 2011

"Lord, snap my stubborn heart in two"

A friend and brother who is a well-known blogger sent an email today, forwarding along a comment someone tried to make over on his blog about how rock n' roll is of, get this (best Dana Carvey Church Lady voice), SATAN! Nooo! As Larry Norman asked a long time ago, Why should the devil have all the good music? Well he shouldn't.
God an[d] rock-n-roll do not mix!! God created music for His Own Greater Glory and Honor!! But, music has been abused (as my former pastor once told me). Before his fall from Heaven, satan was given guardianship over music and look what happened!! Rock-n-roll is devil worship!! The lyrics may be directed to God, but the music is directed to satan. So, God and rock-n-roll do not mix because God and satan do not mix!! There's no way that God can be worshiped in all that MESS!!
I will let rock n' roll apologist, the Reverend Glenn Kaiser, along with the Rez band, tackle this one!

I refute it thusly! Oh, and there's this comment left on Youtube regarding this song that I think speaks well to the issue at hand, brothers and sisters:
"Made a decision for Christ in '82 and this song (and Rez) has always been my passionate favorite. Even during some years were I chose a dark path often the question would rise at parties what song is paramount and your favorite of all time. I would always answer "Broken Promises by Rez" to which the majority of partiers would look at me confused and bewildered not knowing what I'm talking about. I would just smile... you just gotta know it to feel it!"

Experience always trumps ideology!

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