Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blogging annivesaries and the on-going quest to discern intelligent design

Just as last month marked my fifth anniversary of blogging everyday and the changing of the name of my blog from Scott Dodge for Nobody to Καθολικός διάκονος, today marks my sixth anniversary as a blogger. Between 16 August 2005 and 19 July 2006 I posted a grand total of six times.

As I have mentioned before, the original title of my blog was a not very original variation on the name of a local radio program here in Salt Lake City, one that has long since gone off the air, Tom Waits for Nobody, which aired on Sunday nights.

In honor of this suspicious occasion, I am putting up a Tuesday traditio, Tom Waits' God's Away on Business:

An extract from my first ever post, Intelligent Design- Religion & Politics, which is proof positive that my blog was never destined to be extremely popular:
So, while Catholics can accept variations in life on earth as random in the sense of being unpredictable, no variations can be considered by Catholics as unguided and unplanned. Biologists and other scientists work hard to explain how life on earth originated and evolved. However, it is beyond the competency of science to tell us why, to paraphrase Heidegger, there are things rather than no things.
While even on my best days I remain ambivalent about blogging, for the most part I enjoy it, but only because I do not expect too much of it.


  1. Ad multos annos! I am grateful to have discovered your blog and to have entered into prayerful community with you you here.

    I thought of you in my prayers today, the feast of St. Stephen - wasn't your dad's name Stephen? And your middle name too? Or am I dreaming? In any event, I offered extra prayers today.

    Peace and good.

  2. Thanks, Fran. One of the great and most unexpected blessings of blogging has been meeting so many people, like you, who have become such good friends.

    I also like very much that for me blogging has no necessity. I do it in complete freedom and offer it with no expectation of return. Being able to do it this way is what makes it worth my while. It is also what gives what I post any value to any one else.

    Yes, my middle and baptism name is Stephen and that is my Dad's name, too. So, you're not dreaming.


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