Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Through death to life

Tuesday Evening Prayer for Week II of the psalter- the Church's prayer for today- begins with Psalm 49, which is broken in two. The second part of this Psalm states:

"One cannot redeem oneself, pay to God a ransom. Too high the price to redeem a life; one would never have enough to stay alive forever and never see the pit. Anyone can see that the wisest die, the fool and the senseless pass away too, and must leave their wealth to others. Tombs are their homes forever, their dwellings through all generations, though they gave their names to their lands. For all their riches mortals do not abide; they perish like the beasts. This is the destiny of those who trust in folly, the end of those so pleased with their wealth. Selah- Like sheep they are herded into Sheol, where death will be their shepherd. Straight to the grave they descend, where their form will waste away, Sheol will be their palace" (verses 9-15).

Praying this put in me mind of something the Holy Father said last Saturday in his homily for the funeral Mass of Luigi Cardinal Poggi:

"Facing the mystery of death for a person without faith everything seems irredeemably lost. It is the word of Christ, then, that illuminates the path of life and confers value to each moment."

Alithos Anesti

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