Saturday, May 15, 2010

Charism is a gift of grace and grace is God sharing divine life with us

“A charism can be defined as a gift of the Spirit, given to a person in a specific historical context, so that this person can initiate an experience of faith that might in some way be useful to the life of the Church. I emphasize the existential nature of charism: it makes the Christian message handed down by the apostolic tradition more convincing, more persuasive, more ‘approachable.’ A charism is an ultimate terminal of the Incarnation, that is, it is a particular way in which the Fact of Jesus Christ Man and God reaches me, and through me can reach others.” Monsignor Luigi Giussani.

I am very grateful to belong to the charism brought into the world through Giussani and lived in the companionship formed around him, beginning in Milan, Italy and known as Communion and Liberation.

Alithos Anesti

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