Friday, February 5, 2010

Flowing without the need of a wound

WARNING: Graphic language

I was at work yesterday researching something when I followed a link to an article on The Huffington Post. As I finished reading the piece germane to my research I glimpsed to the right and saw this article. Not wanting to pursue this line of inquiry at work, I waited until this evening to read The 7 Weirdest Things Women Do To Their Privates, which, in addition to reporting something Jennifer Love Hewitt said on George Lopez's show about vagazzling her vajayjay (a variation of words she used), provides a link to an article on AltNet, by Andy Wright: The 6 Weirdest Things Women Do Their Vaginas- HuffPo's seventh being Love Hewitt's vaggazzling.

On a certain level this is kind of funny. On another level it has do with what Catherine Breillat addresses in her film Anatomie de l'enfer, a film about which I wrote awhile back: Opposing God to nature: the denial of the ontologically obvious. The anatomy referred to in the film's title is that of a female. In the film the woman, who, like the man, is given no name, referring to her period, says, "Because of this blood they say we are impure. Sometimes they won't shake our hands... In fact, they're scared of this blood that flows without the need of a wound." A few minutes later, after saying that inserting a tampon is like giving yourself an injection, she says, "As if to staunch a wound that is painful and highly senstive."

Perhaps vaggazzling and the other six weird things propounded and made available by what Andy Wright calls, in her AltNet piece, "the beauty-industrial complex" is not as trivial as it first appears, though it remains as ridiculous.

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