Friday, February 19, 2010

"I could possibly be fading, or have something more to gain"

Mazzy Star's Into Dust is our traditio for this first Friday of Lent.

I remember being at a diocesan meeting a few years back and talking about how a newly established parish in our diocese was faring. The parish was having Mass in a movie theater and holding religious education classes in a building in a cemetery. Sr. Patricia said you could look out the window at the graveyard. Memento mori, indeed.

Of course, we tend to lift our gaze above the plane of earth to the horizon beyond and yearn, that is, desire that for which we are made: the eternal. Death is the gate of eternity and it looks to me a lot like the images in today's video: awful. Please do not conflate awful with ugly. Use it precisely= full of awe.

Meum cum sim pulvis et cinis


  1. Beautiful song. Are there any others by her that you can recommend?

  2. Suzanne:

    I recommend the whole album of which Into Dust is a part: So Tonight That I Might See. Another song on that album that really speaks to me is Fade Into You.

  3. Thank you. Her voice is beautiful.


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