Thursday, November 19, 2009

"He will be the truth and offend them one and all"

Given what I wrote in my previous post, it is appropriate that I post our weekly traditio a day early. So, here is Michael Card's very lovely song about Jesus the scandalon accompanied by a video. Indeed, he breaks us to make us whole. In order to live in Christ you have die, there is not avoiding it, to live you must forfeit your own life. Indeed, "the image we present" of Jesus can all too easily stepped over, which means that we are projecting, to borrow words from another song, "our own personal Jesus."


  1. Deacon, I have one off topic question.
    Few years ago I discovered a good site ,the godspy,but now it seems that this site is not working anymore.
    Is this site from CL or CL members?

  2. I believe that Godspy is connected to CL. THe link on my sidebar works, but it appears that the content of the website has not been updated for a long time.


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