Sunday, November 1, 2009

Solemnity of All Saints

"I had a vision of a great multitude,
which no one could count,
from every nation, race, people, and tongue.
They stood before the throne and before the Lamb,
wearing white robes and holding palm branches in their hands.
They cried out in a loud voice:

"'Salvation comes from our God, who is seated on the throne,
and from the Lamb.'

"All the angels stood around the throne
and around the elders and the four living creatures.
They prostrated themselves before the throne,
worshiped God, and exclaimed:

'"Amen. Blessing and glory, wisdom and thanksgiving,
honor, power, and might
be to our God forever and ever. Amen.'

"Then one of the elders spoke up and said to me,
'Who are these wearing white robes, and where did they come from?'
I said to him, 'My lord, you are the one who knows.'
He said to me,
'These are the ones who have survived the time of great distress;
they have washed their robes
and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb.'"

(Revelation 7).

We know that the Little Flower is among those about whom the elder spoke. St. Thérèse verifies in her life what Scripture teaches, namely "that in order to become a saint you have to suffer a lot, always be in search of what is most perfect, and forget yourself" (Story of a Soul, pg. 19). Those who would be saints in every age must pass through "the time of great distress," in imitation of the One to whose image and likeness they want to be conformed. Being holy happens intentionally, not accidentally. God is the reward of all the saints.

The eucharistic sacrifice unites us more fully with the saints. Hence, every Sunday is All Saints day!

I am very pleased that All Saints marks the 1300th post on Καθολικός διάκονος.

All holy men and women, pray for us.

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