Saturday, June 20, 2009

Program note

UPDATE: My oldest son won the gold medal in the Utah Summer Games today in his age group (13-17) in Tae Kwon Do!

Tomorrow I am off to lovely Winona, Minnesota for my annual residency. I intensely dislike the day before leaving town. These days seem so hectic and provisional. I always get anxious. I have a little reading and some laundry to do yet.

It is the wettest June on record by far. In fact, I think we made that designation by the tenth of the month. It has been Pacific Northwest- wet here in Northern Utah. It is cloudy and rainy today, again. The rain is supposed to hang around until Wednesday.

I imagine I will post a few times while I am gone, but not much. In the meantime, Wednesday's post, "Peace Be Still!", is my reflection on this Sunday's Gospel, which is one of my favorite Gospel passages. If you're hungry for more, Deacon Greg has posted his Sunday homily over at The Bench.

Today, I found this link on a blog that everyone who is serious about discipleship, about following our Lord Jesus Christ, should explore regularly, Paths of Love. The link is to Seven Principles of the Spiritual Life. Enjoy.

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