Tuesday, September 2, 2008

John Waters at the Meeting

A month ago I posted A question in search of an answer after reading The Utopia of a Hope Uprooted from Tradition, written by John Waters and appearing in Traces (Vol. 10-No. 6-2008). I was deeply moved by his piece. Now, Sharon, who is blogging live from The Meeting in Rimini, Italy, writes about Waters' presentation in a discussion on the theme of this year's Meeting, Protagonists or Nobodies. Here is a snippet from his remarks:

"Recovering from alcoholism, Waters said, 'I was an egomaniac with an inferiority complex'. This is a way to describe our culture. We believe we create everything, that we are all-powerful, but we have no hope. What is the point?"
I have not written much on The Meeting because Sharon is there and kindly posting very informative and insightful updates, with John Waters at Meeting 2008 being the latest.

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