Saturday, September 6, 2008

Correcting an oversight

I have been remiss in not writing a word about the plight of our Christian sisters and brothers in India, especially in Orissa state. The best summary I have found is the U.K.'s Catholic Herald, accurately entitled Mob butchers India's Christian minority. The Holy Father declared a day of fasting and prayer last week. He said a week ago Wednesday:

"I learned with deep sorrow of the acts of violence perpetrated against the Christian communities in the Indian State of Orissa, subsequent to the deplorable assassination of Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati, a Hindu leader. So far several people have been killed and various others have been injured. Centers of worship that belong to the Church have also been destroyed, as well as private homes. While I firmly condemn every attack against human life, whose sacredness demands the respect of all, I express my spiritual closeness and solidarity to the brothers and sisters in the faith who have been so harshly tried. I implore the Lord to accompany and sustain them at this time of suffering and to give them the strength to continue in the service of love on behalf of all. I ask religious leaders and civil authorities to work together to re-establish among the members of the various communities the peaceful coexistence and harmony that have always been a hallmark of Indian society."

Please also read Fr. Robert Imbellis' post over on dotCommonweal, “Et alibi aliorum …” (II), in which he details how Blessed Teresa of Calcutta's Missionaries of Charity are targets of Hindu fundamentalists. It is weird that yesterday marked her birthday. Blessed Teresa, pray for your beloved India.

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