Monday, September 29, 2008

Blog o' natin'

Patrick Gallagher, writing in the National Catholic Reporter, offers a very insightful look and commentary on the Catholic blogosphere, not to be confused with Teilhard's noosphere. In addition to his own insights, Gallagher interviews Fr. Jamie Martin, SJ, of America magazine, who offers his insightful analysis on the state of said sphere. The article, No blog is an island -- A guide to the Catholic blogosphere, is well worth your time.

It is useful to take a step back in order to gain perspective, which usually leads to humility, which, at least for me, leads to a certain amount of relief. So, writing this I was reminded of a post from about a year ago: Blogging: An aided reflection, came to mind.

Gallagher concludes:

"Fr. Martin suggested that blogs let us meet our 'fellow Catholics.' I find that blogs can be enlightening, infuriating, dispiriting, enriching and informing. A lot like my fellow Catholics." To which I reply- Amen!

Holy Mary, Mother of God- pray for us
Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, archangels, on this your feast- pray for us
St. Isidore of Seville- pray for us
St. Stephen- pray for us
All holy women and men- pray for us


  1. Hi Deacon,

    This comment has nothing to do with your post. I hope you don't mind.

    But, I wanted to call your attention to something relavant to a post you made some time ago. About voting for Obama or not. I'm also a pro-life Democrat. Just yesterday it came to my attention that Obama supports the Freedom of Choice Act. This bill aims to wipe out all state laws that limit abortion. Here is the link to Obama's website:

    I think it is something worth considering.

  2. Thanks Joe:

    It certainly is worth considering. Somebody else mentioned such a thing in a comment on a previous post. I asked them for more info. So, thanks for providing it. I will look at it and certainly post on it.

  3. Here is what I found at the link provided:


    The page at the following address was not found"

    Sen. Obama does support the Freedom of Choice Act, which I oppose. I find his support for it disheartening. Despite the inaccurate characterization of the Act by its opponents, it would not cancel all local and state laws that restrict abortion. Congress cannot, as I understand it, cannot constitutionally invalidate state laws. Look at the Marriage Act: Congress cannot prohibit states such as California and Massachusetts from allowing homosexual people to "marry". Congress can pass a law that other states do not have to legally recognize such "marriages".

    As I understand it, FOCA prohibits states from using such laws to prevent women using public funding to obtain abortions from getting them. Pro-choice people see such guarantees as fairness. Again, as I understand it, FOCA would certainly go a long way to attenuating state restrictions, it would not wipe them out ent.

    It is an Act that would be controversial in getting through Congress. It would immediately and rightly be subjected to a court challenge. It would also erode any inroads that Dems have made among pro-lifers.