Monday, July 28, 2008

School of Community

In light of our being scattered these past few months, I am re-posting something from a few months ago. This something comes from Suzanne's experience expressed in a post on come to see:

"Father Carron said we need only three things to do [School of Community]:
1. Our heart
2. the books of Father Giussani (ie, the method) and
3. Christ. It doesn't depend on anything or anyone else, so we have our freedom, and no one can limit us or our freedom to do it because I have all I need and you have all you need."

This is a good reminder to us that we must make SoC a priority. We must read and reflect on our life in light of the method, and come, drawn by the Spirit, by the particular charism of CL, which is nothing but a particular manifestation of the Spirit. Because it is such, the charism may not appeal to everyone. It certainly appeals to no two people in the same way. It is the reason that unites us, our longing for what will satisfy us, which is just one thing, that which corresponds to to our heart, that which satisfies our desire, which is bigger than the world. This is why worldly pursuits, after a time, seem so empty.

So, we are picking up at chapter 2, Freedom, we'll begin by looking at the five passages of faith in light of our personal experiences and move on to freedom. This is what School of Community is about, nothing else. Of course, we can and will meet at other times in other places to do other things, but Wednesday evening is SoC, during which we accept Jesus' invitation to "Come to see" in light of the charism, according to the method of Don Giussani.

This invitation remains an open to one to all who want to join us. We meet in the Our Lady of Zion chapel at The Cathedral of the Madeleine at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays, pray the Angelus, and move to the rectory for our encounter.

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