Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Goodness of Papa Luciani

The joy and goodness of Pope John Paul I radiates from this footage, taken the very night he died. His pastoral goodness and solicitude, as well as his humble obedience were shown in the post Pope John Paul I on "this most delicate matter" . It is ironic that someone in the crowd wishes him long life, which he humbly dismisses and seems a bit embarassed by. Of his all too brief papacy it was said: "God knew we needed a smile". What a mission entrusted to such a faithful servant! The man who promised his father, a socialist activist who was somewhat at odds with the Church, in order to enter the seminary, that, as a priest, he would not forget the poor.

His beautiful prayer asking Jesus, in his humble and simple way that comes through in his teaching in the video, for what is truly the grace of a happy death, regardless the circumstances:

"I am asking you a grace, my Lord.
I would like you to be nearby me when I close my eyes on the earth.
I would like you to hold my hand in yours, as a mother with her child in the hour of danger.
Thank you, my Lord"

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