Thursday, February 8, 2007

Calling All Youth

Is it possible to love?

Everybody feels the longing to love and to be loved. Yet, how difficult it is to love, and how many mistakes and failures have to be reckoned with in love! There are those who even come to doubt that love is possible. But if emotional delusions or lack of affection can cause us to think that love is utopian, an impossible dream, should we then become resigned? No! Love is possible, and the purpose of my message is to help reawaken in each one of you - you who are the future and hope of humanity-, trust in a love that is true, faithful and strong; a love that generates peace and joy; a love that binds people together and allows them to feel free in respect for one another. Let us now go on a journey together in three stages, as we embark on a "discovery" of love.

The above is the very first section of the Holy Father's message for this year's 22nd Annual World Youth Day, which will be celebrated in dioceses on Palm Sunday. The next World Youth Day is in 2008 in Australia. In his message, Pope Benedict builds beautifully on his encyclical Deus Caritas Est. As a young person myself, I found Pope Benedict's message very inspiring!

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