Friday, July 25, 2014

"Do you love me babe?"

I don't mind saying that the Friday traditio recently has been a little difficult for me. I am not really sure why. But with the passing of the lone surviving member of The Ramones, Tommy Ramone, on 11 July, makes this week's traditio is easy. Tommy Ramone was born Erdélyi Tamás in Budpest, Hungary in 1949. All of the band members passed way too soon. Tommy drummed for The Ramones from 1974-1978, when Mark took over. Both before and after drumming, Tommy managed the band and produced some albums.

The Ramones' original line-up (Tommy second from left)

The Ramones were East Coast punks. Back in the day there was a pretty big rivalry between West Coast, East Coast, and English punks. Anyway, our Friday traditio is The Ramones performing "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," one of the songs Tommy wrote.

At a cancer benefit he performed in October 2008, after being preceded in death by all his former bandmates, "Ramones Beat Down on Cancer," Tommy, speaking of The Ramones said something very true: "They gave everything they could in every show. They weren't the type to phone it in, if you see what I mean."

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