Friday, May 24, 2013

"With the dream in her eyes no one's seen"

For today's traditio I am reaching back again, as I did last week with Modern English. So, today's song is "The Seer" by Big Country, headed by the late Stuart Adamson. When Big Country recorded this song in studio for their third album, also entitled "The Seer," backing vocals were provided by the ever lovely Kate Bush.

Stuart Adamson

For those familiar with Big Country you know the tale of Adamson's tragic death by suicide in 2001. He was a close friend of the Edge, U2's guitarist, who eulogized him. The song U2 and Green Day recorded together to raise money for Katrina relief, "The Saints Are Coming," was composed by Adamson. The Edge paid tribute to his friend by playing the guitar solo exactly the way, note for note, Adamson had played it.

Back in 2011 fans in his hometown of Dunfermline, Scotland raised money and put a bench in a city park. The bench is engraved with lyrics from Adamson's songs.

I listened for so long that day that I can hardly tell/If what she said was heaven sent or brought to bear in hell/That men of hope would stand alone and still be cast a lie/Just as the Romans cast them on the day they were to die

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