Friday, August 24, 2012

"You pour yourself over me"

Because I didn't want to do something predictable and mundane, I postponed putting up the Friday traditio until this afternoon. After some consideration, I chose Peter Murphy's "Cuts You Up."

Murphy began his career with Bauhaus, one of the original goth bands. He had a successful solo career. I have always loved his "sound," as it were. Raised in a Catholic family, Murphy became fascinated by Sufi Islam. In an interview about his becoming a Muslim he said, "There was no conversion, just a recognition that it was the same message, only clearer. You don't convert, you discover an aspect of surrender, which is what Islam means."

Peter and Beyhan Murphy

His wife, Beyhan, is Turkish. They met in London and moved to Turkey in 1992. She is a well-known choreographer and is currently the choreographer at the State Opera and Ballet. She was also the Director of Theatre and Performing Arts in Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency.

Calling like a distant wind/Through the zero hour we'll walk/Cut the thick and break the thin/No sound to break no moment clear/When all the doubts are crystal clear

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