Friday, September 10, 2010

Obama Administration: feeling the magnetic pull of Jones' swamp

As with just about anything these days, I think the administration is overreacting to Jones' stunt by orders of magnitude. Such a grandiose protest only adds to the circus Jones wants to create, it is a bit like negotiating with a terrorist. Yesterday, Jones was indicating that if the so-called Ground Zero mosque were moved, he would call off his self-declared Burn a Koran Day. While I am opposed to placing the mosque that near Ground Zero for many of the same reasons I am opposed to Jones burning the Qu'ran, I also do not believe that ends justify means (i.e., we may never do evil that good may come of it).

Beyond that, having Gen. Petreaus, Sec. Gates, the State Department, and the White House plead with this guy not to burn the Qu'ran is simply ridiculous and beneath their dignity. It does not represent us well. The Administration should not ever initiate a discussion about this. Inevitably, given the fecklessness of the news media, the question will be asked. In which case, you say something like- "We respect the constitutional rights of all citizens of the United States, which does not constitute an endorsement of specific ways they may choose to express themselves."

Above all, it is not the job of those sworn to protect and defend our constitution to seek to limit constitutionally protected speech, no matter how offensive they might find it. In these turbulent times, it is more important than ever that we stand firmly on our democratic principles and not let them be held hostage by those who not only do not share them, but who violently oppose them. It goes without saying that many in the administration crowd, the president foremost among them, would not bat an eye at a group of people burning the U.S. flag, or an NEA grant given for a new version of Piss Christ.

I am starting to become very alarmed at the utter lack of coherence demonstrated on an almost daily basis by the Obama Administration. I may post something in the near term about the debacle they created with their failed attempt to restart Middle East peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.


  1. I was thinking exactly the same thing. It's a bad idea to give in to such blackmail and offering so much attention to the matter doesn't help. It's strange how much trouble they took to prevent a situation that would not have been a problem for us (i.e. if someone burned a Bible). Who's problem is it really? Yes, there could have been repercussions for innocent people, but less so if there was less focus. I don't mind statements made just for clarity, but the whole thing has become a circus.

  2. Now that the Vatican is involved, forget it! This is a great conversation to have. We should be able to criticize anyone/anything if we disagree. As Catholics, especially those of us involved with CL, we should be able to talk about all of reality. Especially with our preconceptions (which includes serving in the military) and where the truth actually leads us. So let us continue to follow this. However uncomfortable it may be.

  3. What's that people like to say about why you should never wrestle with a pig?

    I have a friend who suggested (seriously) that burning a Qu'ran be designated as a terrorist act. I asked if intentionally desecreting a Host (a la P.Z. Myers) should be hate speech as well. Somehow the latter fell under free speech but not the former.

  4. Exactly, we can't operate on the basis of fear. The argument that some obscure pastor in Florida burning a Qu'ran endangers our troops already fighting a war is seriously weak and foolish. I guarantee you that our Marines in Afghanistan aren't worried about what Terry Jones was going to do.