Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The God of Israel, whom we worship and adore

As the sundown goes down in the West out here in the West, I want to wish all my dear Jewish friends a happy Rosh Hashanah; may you have a good and sweet year. Sunset this evening marks the beginning of the 5771st year on the Jewish calendar. The observance of Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown and ends at sundown on Friday, at which time, at least this year, the sabbath commences.

As the first night of Rosh Hashanah begins, May you immediately be inscribed in the Book of Life!

Apples and honey, featured at many Rosh Hashanah meals, symbolize a sweet new year

As the sun fades away, Christians mark the end of our observance of the Feast Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the Jewish young woman whom we revere as theotokos.

"To the Israelites belonged the adoption, the glory, the covenant, the law-giving, the worship, and the promises; theirs were the patriarchs, and from the came the Messiah (I speak of human origins). Blessed forever be God who is over all! Amen" (Rom. 9:4-5- reading for Evening Prayer II for today's Feast of Our Lady's Nativity).

I might add that apples dipped in honey are delicious. This will be our dessert from this evening through Friday evening.

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  1. You know, Funny Thing, I am trying to find a few answers on Questions that I have regarding your End quote from Romans...

    Now I am even MORE Inspired to find it ;)


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