Friday, June 13, 2008

"There is nothing in the world that I ever wanted more than to feel you deep in my heart"

"Remembering you standing quiet in the rain as
I ran to your heart to be near and we kissed as
the sky fell in"

A happy belated anniversary to my wife. I know it it is a cliché, but I wouldn't want to be married to me! I was thinking about buying her some Buddhist Punk shoes that I saw advertised on mySpace, but she wouldn't wear them. So, I got some for myself.

Also, I had to go the eye-doctor on Wednesday. I only needed reading glasses, but for me that is still huge. Please see Fun with scripture.


  1. Hey Scott I didn't get the true meaning of the post.. but I love this song.. BTW I went to see the Cure in Vancouver on May 26th. That was my 10th (roughly) cure concert since 1989. :D
    Take care.

  2. The postwas just my usual Friday vid, a happy anniversary to my wife, plus a few random facts. I, too, really like The Cure

  3. Pictures of you is good stuff but it's no 10:15 on a Saturday Night...


    Happy anniversary and nice dalmatic for Corpus Christi by the way.

  4. Thanks Krad! It's good to hear from you again. I've been enjoying Jory Division