Saturday, June 14, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow I am off for two weeks to lovely Winona, Minnesota, home of St. Mary's University and the Institute in Pastoral Ministry. The day before a trip is always pretty hectic and today is no different. I never relax until I arrive at the airport and get a cafe soy latte. So, posting will be practically non-existent for the next few weeks.

When I arrive home I have to make a quick trip to Montana. Once I am back I have vowed to simplify my life quite a bit. I plan to spend much more time at home, have fun with my family, work in my yard, finish projects around the house, pray more, go for more walks, watch some movies, get back in shape, and just breathe. I am not sure how this will affect blogging, except that I plan to blog less, maybe a post or two a week.

So, I would appreciate your prayers for all the IPM students. Institutes, like that in Pastoral Ministry, are increasingly more important to the life of the church. It is truly a response to the Spirit that so many women and men heed in seeking education and formation, often at their own expense, in order to be of service to others.

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