Monday, June 30, 2008

Program note

I am back from my very intensive two week graduate school residency. I have a lot to do. Honestly, I am excited about the work. It would be impossible to express in a post what a wonderful experience I had in such a beautiful spot, with such dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate professors. At the Institute in Pastoral Ministries, we students we learn a lot from each other.

Again, I do not plan to return to vigorous, daily posting in the foreseeable future. I have plenty of academic writing to get done, including my IPR, which is basically a master's degree thesis. So, look for something perhaps two or three times per week. Look for a lot of posts on deacons due to the fact that my working thesis is: "Articulating a clearer ecclesial diaconal identity will help deacons to be bridge-builders within the church by allowing them to foster collaboration between priests and lay ecclesial ministers."

St. Stephen- pray for us.

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