Monday, September 3, 2007

Our Communion of the heart and the communion of saints

I was introduced to the concept of forming a community of the heart by Deacon Owen Cummings, who has taught me so much over quite a few years now, at the retreat for my diaconal class back in 2004, shortly before our ordinations. I was reminded of how this community works and how it overlaps and intertwines with the communion of saints by Clariy's post Mary Schabert (later Sister Rose Marie). Do yourself a big favor and stop in at Clarity's Place everyday. In a world that too often seems hard and unrelenting, she will stun you with beauty!

While I am writing about interesting blogs, my friend Marie is taking her sabbaticial and going back to Ethiopia. She is chronicling her experience via a blog: Marie's Project. You will find the link to this, along with the link to Clarity's Place, over to the right on this blog.

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