Friday, July 20, 2007

rejesus: A virtual space to explore!

Today I stumbled onto one of the most intriguing websites I have found in a long time. I linked to it from the the website of The Church in Wales. The website in question is rejesus. I most heartily recommend spending some time browsing it. Of particular note is a part of the site called expressions. A part of this section well-worth visiting is a page by Jude Simpson, who is described as a "comic poet, entertainer and all-round lover of words." She puts her talent to use by composing "five 'funny' poems about Jesus".

Put simply, all Jude's poems are a joy! You can read them and listen to her recite them. It is always nice to hear a poet recite her own poetry. To whet your appetite here is the last stanza of her poem entitled Fish:

"During Jesus’ appearance on 'fish is your life',
they asked him, if you could fish for anything, what would it be?
a carp? a sturgeon? a salmon? a bream?
Jesus said, I’d like to fish for every single person in the world, and
save them from their sins.
How you gonna do that, Jesus, that’s a pretty big wish?
Jesus said, there’s only one thing for it, I’ll have to go and die."

I urge you to read/listen to all five of her "funny" poems.

In case you need further encouragement, here is part of a stanza from her poem You won't find Jesus on Myspace:

". . . Jesus doesn’t have a MySpace page,
even though it’s fast, fun and easy.
Jesus shut down his p.c. before p.c.s were invented
and he put on his sandals, with or without socks,
and he walked to your door, and sat by your heart,
and invited you to be his friend.
That was like, 2,000 years ago –
and he still hasn’t had a reply."

Another feature worth looking at is the pub quiz.

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