Saturday, July 21, 2007

Potter-mania at our house

I am not one to jump on many bandwagons. I am usually driving what I want to be a bandwagon with only myself on-board. Nonetheless, I must admit that over the years I have grown fond the Harry Potter books. We have somehow wound up wit two copies of The Deathly Hallows and four people wanting to read it. My oldest son pulled an all-nighter and read it (Thank you J.K. for having the book published during the summer!). My oldest daughter has plowed through several hundred pages today, after the Potter-fest at the Salt Lake City library last night, which everybody but your humble scribe attended. I drank some wine and read some Schillebeeckx and Cummings.
Meanwhile, my lovely wife and I, reading The Deathly Hallows aloud together, are 22 pages in.

You know? I'm going to miss these guys! My heart was broken when Snape killed Albus Dumbledore in The Half-Blood Prince, not mention the death of my favorite J.K. Rowling character, Sirius Black at the hands of his cousin Bellatrix LaStrange, in The Order of the Phoenix. Bellatrix is played in the film by the always intriguing Helena Bonham Carter (left). Sirius is my favorite because I most identify with him. I would most like to be like Dumbledore, but, alas, he is not me. Anyway . . . a brief tribute this great series from which much of value can unpacked!


  1. Schillebeeckx and Cummings? That is like mixing junk food with steak and lobster!

    Seriously, finished it at 1:00 am Sunday morning myself. Best book of the series!

  2. Well, there aren't a ton of books on the history of ministry. Schillebeeckx's book The Church with a Human Face is a standard in the field, especially the first part on ministry in apostolic communities. I have yet to read Bernier's and O'Meara's books on ministry. Such is my attempt at an annotated bibliography as thesis research.

    Anyway, we whiled away a Sunday afternoon reading more Deathly Hallows. Hopefully, We'll finish by next Sunday! I can't believe how fast-paced the book is.